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MaxECM completes two Taulia Business Exchange eInvoicing implementations

Miami, March 2024 – MaxECM Solutions LLC, a boutique software and service provider for SAP ECM and OpenText solutions, has successfully completed two large implementations of eInvoicing on the Taulia Business Exchange cloud platform.


Taulia Business Exchange is a supply chain finance solution that allows suppliers to submit invoices, manage master data, and request early payment on invoices in an easy to use cloud based internet portal that integrates seamlessly with SAP as a backend.


In the first project, Taulia was tasked with implementing key data transfer as well as eInvoicing at a large Australian telecommunications company. Using the Taulia SAP add-on version 4.2 on a S4 HANA system, MaxECM successfully implemented core data transfer of procurement and accounting data to the Taulia platform. Data transfer includes vendor and purchase order information from a legacy system. Supplier enrollment was significantly streamlined with Taulia’s accelerated invitation process. In a second phase of the project, MaxECM upgraded the SAP add-on to the latest version and subsequently integrated eInvoicing functionality of the Taulia platform with a custom workflow developed by the client. As part of the integration, certain invoice data submitted by suppliers on the Taulia platform was validated for completeness and accuracy before it was handed over to the custom workflow.


The second project involved the implementation of eInvoicing for a leading global energy drink company. While the company had already used the Taulia platform and eInvoicing for some processes without purchase order reference, the larger part of incoming invoice volume was for invoices with purchase order reference. MaxECM implemented the new eInvoicing functionality in an SAP ECC system environment using Taulia add-on version 4.2. In addition to core functionality, MaxECM also integrated a custom invoice processing workflow as well as several data verification algorithms involving tax jurisdictions and tax amount calculations.


“We are very pleased to have completed these two projects successfully, on time, and on budget, especially given the complexity of the custom workflow integrations required at both clients. We are happy to implement this cutting edge technology and to extend our service offerings with regards to Taulia and SAP”, said Martin Maguth, Managing Director at MaxECM.


For more information, please contact MaxECM at

About MaxECM

MaxECM Solutions LLC (“MaxECM”) is a leading boutique software and service provider for SAP and OpenText enterprise content management (ECM) serving customers globally to provide effective, tailored solutions in the areas of SAP document management as well as process automation and workflow. To find out more, please go to


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