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About MaxECM

Who we are and what we do

A Bit of History

We started to work with SAP software back in 1997 and realized that the SAP world can at times be difficult to navigate for customers. Software and add-ons often don't perform as promised. Consulting teams get bigger as a project progresses and stay much longer than anticipated. However, we also found that "good old-fashioned" craftsmanship and straight talk are still greatly appreciated, even in a world of offshore programmers and cloud solution providers.

That's where we come in. We have programmed BAPIs, configured workflows, customized UIs, implemented content management solutions, certified ABAP programs, and archived SAP data, all on time and on budget and lived to tell the tale at all major SAP conferences.

SAP is our craft and your success is our goal. Plain and simple.

No more complicated projects that run over budget, with a voice on the phone trying to explain why.

Our headquarter is in Miami, Florida, and we service clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific to get them the best return on their investment in SAP enterprise content management (ECM).

We are dedicated, recognized subject matter experts who will work with you to make enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow in SAP easier than you ever thought it could be. We know SAP inside out and have integrated all leading ECM systems. OpenText, FileNet, Documentum, SharePoint, or SAP Content Server... you name it.

We write books and articles on ECM topics and regularly speak at SAP events, such as SAPPHIRE, TechED, and the ASUG Annual Conference.

Do you want to get the most of your SAP investment? Then it's time for straight talk and clear answers from MaxECM.

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