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Do you know how much your vendors cost you?

Use ProcessAnalytics for SAP and find out.

ProcessAnalytics for SAP. Get to know your Vendors.

Find out how much time your company dedicates to vendors, how much they cost you, and how much money you could save.

ProcessAnalytics for SAP

Gain more insight into payables processing

Does your company have a clear understanding of how much it actually pays to process vendor invoices? Do you know how much each vendor costs you, what exception processing is needed due to invoice errors, how many invoices are blocked for payment and how those blocks are resolved? Do you know how effective your discount utilization is?

ProcessAnalytics for SAP answers those questions and more by using a big data approach to your accounts payable. Using a best-practice framework, the solution analyzes the business and process data in your SAP system and provides you with an in-depth look into your accounts payable processing.

ProcessAnalytics for SAP is the fastest way to trim vendor costs and gain new efficiencies in procure-to-pay processes.

MaxECM ProcessAnalytics for SAP - How much do your vendors cost you?
MaxECM ProcessAnalytics for SAP - How much do your vendors cost you?


Features of ProcessAnalytics for SAP

Flexible data selection

Drill down into the big data of your accounts payable in SAP and access reports by vendor, company code, user, date, account, and other key business selection criteria.

Comprehensive analystics

Get a full understanding of what drives cost in your accounts payable by analyzing processing times, invoice volumes, block types and frequency, and discounts.

Downloads and charts

Download report results to your desktop or server in readable format and further analyze data with charts and spreadsheets.


Return on investment of ProcessAnalytics for SAP

Vendor benchmarking

ProcessAnalytics will give you detailed information on invoice volumes and how much time and effort your company spends on processing invoices by vendor. In addition, you can see the number and types of errors and blocks that are found on invoices and determine how to prevent them.

Discount utilization

ProcessAnalytics allows you to know what early payment discounts were and were not taken. With that information, you can identify the issues and bottlenecks, address them in your organization, and negotiate more favorable payment terms with your vendors.

Resource planning and scheduling

Accounts payable is a cost center, so careful resource planning is critical for cost control. ProcessAnalytics will give you transparency into onsite and offshore processing centers with detailed information on invoice processing volumes and processing times by user or user group.

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