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MaxECM Taulia Business Exchange Services

Discover FinTech with Taulia Business Exchange(TM)

And innovate your financial supply chain.

Taulia Business Exchange(TM). SCF at its best.

Taulia is the leading platform for supply chain finance.

Taulia Business Exchange(TM)

On the cutting edge of SCF.

Taulia Business Exchange(TM) (TBE) is the leading platform for supply chain finance. It generates revenue opportunities out of invoices by giving your vendors more flexible payment terms in a self-service environment.

At MaxECM, we have the experience needed to implement and enhance all components of Taulia Business Exchange(TM), including supplier finance, eInvoicing, supplier information management, and supplier engagement, both on the portal and on the SAP side.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you take your supply chain finance and working capital strategy to the next level by implementing or enhancing Taulia Business Exchange(TM).

MaxECM Taulia Business Exchange Services


Features and benefits of TBE

Supply Chain Finance

SCF enables you to offer flexible payment terms to your supply chain and reach your working capital goals as well as strengthen your supplier relationships.


eInvoicing allows suppliers to submit PO and non-PO invoices on the Taulia portal and send them to your SAP system where they can be automatically posted.

Supplier Information and Engagement

Let your suppliers update their address, tax, and banking information online and notify them of important information directly via the Taulia portal.

Business Services

Services we offer related to Taulia Business Exchange(TM)

Solution implementation

We discuss and analyze your business requirements with you, create a detailed implementation guide, and implement Tauila Business Exchange in your organization.

Solution configuration

We connect the Taulia Business Exchange portal with your SAP systems and configure the solution to make SCF, eInvoicing, SIM, etc work for your company.

Solution enhancement

Enhance the Taulia SAP add-on to get better data validation, improve data exchange with the portal, implement new backend processes, or integrate your AP automation solution.


We teach users and suppliers how to use TBE so that everyone can profit from the solution and make your implementation a win for everyone.

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