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MaxECM SAP Workflow BPM

SAP Workflow and Business Process Management

Control your process flow.

Workflow and Business Process Management. Automate.

Are you getting the most out of your SAP workflow automation?

SAP Workflow and BPM

Get the most out of your SAP investment.

The SAP workflow engine and many process templates are part of every SAP installation, but many companies are not taking advantage of them. It seems complicated, but it really isn't. Implement a few value-added SAP workflow configurations and some of your most labor-intensive, daunting processes can be automated.

The cost is low and the return is high. We are delighted to show you how it works.

We have SAP-certified workflow consultants with over 20 years of experience implementing new workflows and standard templates in all areas of SAP, such as accounting, purchasing, plant management, and human resources.

MaxECM SAP Workflow BPM

Areas of Expertise

Ways we can help your SAP workflow and BPM

Business process analysis and design

We have years of experience analyzing and (re)designing key business processes, such as vendor invoicing, order management, travel expenses, and compliance reviews.

New task and workflow development

We have successfully developed and implemented many custom objects, methods, events, tasks, and templates based on business requirements for even the most complex processes.

Standard template implementation

SAP comes with an abundance of fully designed workflow process templates that are easy to implement and offer a quick return on investment. We make it possible.

Training and knowledge transfer

You want to develop your own workflows or administer existing ones? No problem. We provide hands-on classes onsite and offsite to teach you all you need to know about workflow.


Why hire us for your SAP workflow and BPM project

Technical and business expertise

A successful workflow implementation requires technical know-how and a deep understanding of your business processes. We are able to translate business needs into technical specifications and bring best-practices and expertise in both the functional and the technical area to the table.

Competitive service rates

We are competitively priced, yet we deliver a superior value. You can rely on us to deliver the results we promise within the timeframe we state. Often, we can quote projects on a fixed-price basis using our many years of experience as a reference.

Structured, proven project methodology

Our SAP-certified workflow consultants have the business acumen to provide a pragmatic approach to requirements analysis, process design, development, testing, and training. Our goal is to go live with a successful workflow project that is on budget and on time.

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