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MaxECM DocMigrate for SAP - Migrate content between database and repositories

Are you holding off on your SAP archive migration?

DocMigrate for SAP makes it easy and trouble-free.

ArchiveLink Content Migration in SAP. Without Headaches.

DocMigrate for SAP makes it easy to migrate content from one repository to another.

DocMigrate for SAP

Content migration made simple.

Migrating content from one repository to another can be an overwhelming task. Companies often even put a migration on hold and continue to work with a combination of new and legacy systems, creating duplicate efforts and expenses in administration and support as well as end user confusion.

DocMigrate for SAP was built to make SAP ArchiveLink migration easy and eliminate inefficiencies.

The DocMigrate framework uses an intuitive SAPGUI interface to manage every step of the migration process, from analysis to execution, and moves content to ArchiveLink repositories regardless of whether the existing files are stored as GOS attachments in the SAP database, as URLs, or as data in an existing ArchiveLink repository.

MaxECM DocMigrate for SAP - Migrate content between database and repositories
MaxECM DocMigrate for SAP - Migrate content between database and repositories


Features of DocMigrate for SAP


DocMigrate is a proven framework that includes everything needed for a successful migration, such as analysis tools, migration tools, and administration tools.

Step-by-step guidance

Each phase of the migration can be individually executed and allows for detailed logging and troubleshooting to assure that any issues are addressed quickly.

Fast SAP-centric migration

The entire process is completed "inside" SAP with the familiar look-and-feel of SAPGUI eliminating the need to costly middleware which slows down the data transfer.


Return on investment of DocMigrate for SAP

System and vendor agnostic

DocMigrate for SAP will work seamlessly with every ArchiveLink certified content repository. In addition, DocMigrate allows for migration of old documents stored as GOS attachments in the SAP database or as URL links on an on-premise or a cloud server.

Detailed analysis and preparation

DocMigrate for SAP comes with a variety of analysis tools to effectively plan and schedule migration tasks. Tools include important reports, such as volume analytics, location statistics, and connection verification, and are routinely used to efficiently plan the migration and reduce execution time.

Support of various storage types and locations 

Regardless of where the old content is coming from, you want to be able to control where it is going. DocMigrate for SAP supports the individual selection of document types and storage locations, so you can properly address retention requirements and control access authorizations.

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