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MaxECM SAP Data Archiving

SAP Data Archiving

Long term storage and access to your SAP data.

Data Archiving for SAP. The Way it should be.

Implement data archiving for SAP and get reliable long term storage for your data while retaining access to it.

Data Archiving for SAP

Storage with nothing to loose.

Greater digitization and transaction volumes have exploded data quantities and database sizes, making data archiving for SAP once again a critical component of SAP system administration and maintenance strategies in organizations of all sizes.

Data archiving moves SAP data from your database to a content repository, thereby limiting the size and growth of your online database. This increases database performance, reduces maintenance and hardware cost, and keeps your data in compliant, secure long-term storage while it remains accessible directly from your SAPGUI.

If you have thought about data archiving, but have not started, or are currently not archiving as much data as you would like to, contact us to find out how you can get all benefits of this amazing technology.

MaxECM SAP Data Archiving
MaxECM SAP Data Archiving


Features of data archiving in SAP

Better database performance

Data archiving controls the size and growth of your database, leading to better database performance with the need for additional hardware investments.

Easier database maintenance

Administrative tasks, such as reorganization, backup, and other maintenance, become less time consuming, reducing system downtimes.

Efficient retention management

Leverage multiple storage options to manage data retention effectively and allow for data deletion only in clearly defined and permitted cases.


Why hire us for your SAP data archiving project

Best-practices and proven methodology

We employ proven methodologies to analyze your tables and table spaces to determine size and growth. With this information, we create an archiving strategy including target objects, schedules, and storage locations using a set of best-practice tools to enable efficient and compliant archiving runs.

Competitive service rates

Our pricing is always competitive and transparent, so our clients always know what they are getting and paying for. Generally, we are confident enough to provide you with a fixed price for most projects.

Training and knowledge transfer

Your goal is to be able to manage your data archiving processes yourself. Therefore, we will provide you with detailed, complete documentation of all settings and configurations. We will also train your administrators so they can independently run and monitor data archiving jobs.

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