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MaxECM DocumentPlus for SAP - Enterprise Content Management for SAP made easy

Tired of complicated ECM that takes forever to implement?

Explore DocumentPlus for SAP and see how easy it can be.

DocumentPlus for SAP. Content Management made easy.

DocumentPlus for SAP goes far beyond standard ArchiveLink and opens the door to a whole new experience of managing documents in SAP.

DocumentPlus for SAP

Goodbye paper. Hello DocumentPlus.

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems for SAP are complicated, expensive, and take a very long time to implement. That's just a fact, right?

No, that was the past. Today, there is DocumentPlus for SAP. With over 20 modules covering SAP FI, MM, SD, HR, PS, PM, and master data, DocumentPlus is the next generation of enterprise content management in SAP.

Installed in minutes instead of days, it is more affordable, quicker to implement, and easier to use than any other solution on the planet.

MaxECM DocumentPlus for SAP - Enterprise Content Management for SAP made easy
MaxECM DocumentPlus for SAP - Enterprise Content Management for SAP made easy

Business Solutions

DocumentPlus for SAP is available for the following business areas

Delivery Management

Manage documents related to inbound and outbound deliveries

Financial Accounting

Link documents to payables, receivables, and journal entries

Human Resources

Store employee records, certificates, and travel receipts

Master Data

Link documents to vendors, customers, and material master records

Plant Maintenance

Link documents to work orders, functional locations, and equipment


Store project documents and WBS element information


Link documents to requisitions, orders, contracts, and agreements


Manage documents related to quotations and sales orders


Features of DocumentPlus for SAP

Document indexing and versioning

Store files directly from your desktop with descriptions and links to business transactions. Copy and move links and create versions for full content management functionality.

Quick document access

Use detailed search screens for master and transaction data in familiar SAP UI and access full document lists with display of linked objects and relationships.

Document download and print

Download and print selected documents from the SAP content repository to a local workstation or printer.

Subscriptions and workflow integration

Enjoy plug-and-play integration with your exiting SAP workflows, let users execute tasks and subscribe to documents to be notified of additions and changes.


Return on investment of DocumentPlus for SAP

Quick return and amortization

Whether it is better utilization of payment discounts, a reduced number of days sales outstanding, advantages gained by special purchase pricing, or more accurate delivery scheduling, DocumentPlus for SAP provides an immediate return on your investment in enterprise content management.

Improved customer and vendor relationships

With documents and content easily accessible, your customer and vendor service representatives can address issues quickly and accurately and overcome the organizational and procedural challenges companies face due to the ever growing volume of business data and documents.   

Substantial cost savings and productivity gains

Enjoy significant productivity gains and cost savings from increased transparency and easy document management. Document loss and document retrieval times are eliminated thanks to full integration of leading archiving technology.

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