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Do you still spend hours downloading documents from your SAP archive?

With ArchiveLoad for SAP, you can do it in minutes.

Easy Document Download. Straight from your SAP Archive.

Stop spending hours or days downloading or printing archived documents in SAP one by one. Use ArchiveLoad for SAP and easily access multiple documents using relevant selection criteria.

ArchiveLoad for SAP

Load archived documents straight to your desktop

Downloading or printing documents from an SAP archive is a lengthy and tedious process. Most companies spend significant resources downloading archived images, such as invoices and orders, from their SAP archive to satisfy compliance, audit, or reporting requirements. This process takes place quarterly, monthly, or even weekly and requires users to access each individual SAP transaction record to manually retrieve the attached image.

Now there is ArchiveLoad for SAP, a plug-and-play SAP add-on that makes downloading and printing images from your SAP archive as simple as selecting a few selection criteria. Instead of spending hours downloading images, you can batch download in minutes.

MaxECM ArchiveLoad for SAP - Download and print archived documents


Features of ArchiveLoad for SAP

Easy download
and print

Display search results with direct document access from your content repository and easily download selected documents to your front-end or network drive

Comprehensive document selection

Identify documents with both business and technical data as well as header and item information and select individual or all documents for download

Enhanced audit support

Generate an HTML table of contents for document downloads with key transaction data and direct hyperlink access to documents


Return on investment of ArchiveLoad for SAP

Reduce document processing time by up to 90%

Experience a significant reduction in time and resources needed to locate and download documents from your SAP archive. Whether you are gathering orders for a customer or invoices for period closings, the job will be done in minutes instead of hours or even days.

Guarantee completeness of documents

ArchiveLoad allows you to search and select documents based on a large variety of business data, such as invoice header information, vendor details, and customer data. You can verify search results before you download images to make sure the document list is complete.

Easily share downloaded content

Processing a large number of files can be difficult to manage. ArchiveLoad uses best-practice web technology to create a table of contents with business data and links to the corresponding documents to make viewing the downloaded files easy and efficient.

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